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Online Store Policy

Due to logistical challenge, we no longer offer the "Exact same plant in the photo" on our webshop, from October 2021. 

There will be slight variation among plants of the same species, as no two plants are identical. We will do our best to ensure that you receive a plant that resembles to the one listed on our webshop. 

There may be some cosmetic blemishes such as tears, yellow leaves. These are part and parcel of Mother Nature. 

Your plants are hand-picked fresh out from the nursery. So you may find some soil/water marks on them. These can be easily removed with a plant shower/wet wipes.

Good soil is alive and living. The plant relies on the living micro-organisms in the soil to help break down organic matter into micro-nutrients for root uptake.  It is thus common to find living organisms in the soil.  

All plants are for self-collection at Skool of Kaktus Punggol only. Self-collection details will be available after ordering. 

Apart from ensuring the plants are well-protected during transport, we like to reduce our usage of single-use packaging materials. Hence, your order may be packed in recycled carton boxes or bags. 

Exchange & Refunds
We are committed to deliver healthy plants to our customers. 
Please check your plants during collection.
We seek your understanding that we will not be able to offer any exchange/refund for any cosmetic imperfections to the plants, or after the plants have been repotted. 


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